Cutting Off Dead or Diseased Branches

When caring for trees, it is important to be mindful of why it is important to remove dead & diseased branches. Branches like this can leave a tree extremely vulnerable to many things. Trees are living organisms, and like humans, are constantly exposed to bacteria, viruses and insects. A dead or diseased limb is a weak point, and does not have the ability to fight off harmful intruders, which use them as an access point. Tree cutting is essential to protect a tree and keep it healthy.

In order to know if a limb is dead or diseases, there are certain signs to look for. A dead branch usually does not have buds at the nodes, has hollow wood, missing bark, or it does not grow new leaves in season. With regard to diseased branches, by the time there is noticeable evidence like insect eggs or fungus, it is likely beyond repair. Diseased wood must be removed immediately because the longer it stays, the more likely it is to infect the rest of the tree. After cutting it from the tree, it should be taken away from the site or burned so that it does not infect the surrounding area.


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