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A tree with an overgrown top can become structurally unsound from the excessive weight, or in some cases, the extra branches or leaves are touching a building or power lines. It is essential to request professional crown reduction for the trees in West Asheville, NC, before winter begins. The strong winds and heavy snows that occur in this region can damage a tree that is top-heavy, causing it to topple over onto a street, building or vehicle.

Have Trees Trimmed Correctly

If you have a tree that isn’t looking healthy, then the right type of tree pruning can improve its appearance while encouraging the new growth of branches and leaves. The process of crown reduction on trees is complicated, and if it is completed incorrectly, then you could harm the tree in a variety of ways. However, our West Asheville, NC, company specializes in caring for trees that are located on residential or commercial properties.

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With the proper tree pruning techniques, you can protect a building from damage or keep the branches from dangling on power lines. Our arborists know how to have the power turned off to the utility lines on a property before lifting the items safely to perform the crown reduction process. Most trees in West Asheville, NC, require cutting services in the late autumn to early winter when the plants are dormant. Call us today to learn more about tree pruning at homes and businesses in this region.

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