Choosing the Best Christmas Tree

The most wonderful time of the year calls for the most wonderful kind of tree. With so many Christmas trees on the market, it’s hard to decide which one will perfectly complement your decorations. Here are some world favorites:

Balsam fir

Balsam fir is undoubtedly a staple during the Christmas season. As the Christmas-y balsam scent engulfs your home, the intricate pine needles will captivate your eyes.

Noble fir

Unlike traditional downward-facing branches, the noble fir tree displays the underside of the branches. These inverted branches provide great ornament support and offer a quirky take on classic Christmas trees.

White fur

For a Christmas scent that just won’t quit, people turn to the White fir tree. Don’t let the name deceive you, this tree embodies a stunning green color.

Douglas fur

Another fir favorite! Renowned for its bold presence, the Douglas fur tree offers bushy branches that make for a well-rounded appearance.

Fraser fur

For a subtle silver hue, Fraser fur is the way to go. The undersides of the needles have a delicate silver tint while the tops give off a beautifully rich green.

Scotch pine

The scotch pine is the end-all-be-all of Christmas trees. Its lush branches and lovely Christmas aroma are the two attributes that make this tree a Christmas favorite.

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