Children and Trees

As parents, we always want to make sure our children are safe outside. During the spring, and summer it’s entirely possible for a child outside to receive a harsh sunburn from one hour too many playing in the backyard. This is why homes with trees can be so valuable from a parental aspect. The shade not only offers you the benefit of a cool place to relax outdoors, but it doubles as protection from a sometimes-harsh sun. With that said there are some worries of trees and children. The top most part of the tree with the leaves and branches is known as the crown.

This area of the tree can be subject to wounds, undernourishment, disease, infestation and extreme climate conditions. All of these actions can produce a situation in which branches are capable of breaking off the tree crown. Branches vary in size with many being simply twigs, and others being capable of actual injury if fallen. With children outside its important to know that your crown has been pruned for efficiency. This process will remove the weak, and potentially dangerous branches before they have a chance to fall. Similarly, fallen branches can be easily tripped over by children that are playing.

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