Caring for Shrubs & Trees During Wintertime

Winter maintenance for trees and shrubs ideally starts in an earlier season. You can do some of the upkeep now, other things such as pruning should sometimes wait. For the health and continued beauty of your valuable outdoor assets, use a professional landscaper or arborist.

You can use these tree winter care methods, depending on your location:

Less Invasive Tree Pruning & Caring for Shrubs

  • Add mulch around the trees, keeping it an inch or two from the base of the tree.
  • Inspect for pests, though fungicide is normally applied earlier in the year.
  • Shield them from salty road spray with burlap if they’re planted near the road and are potentially harmed by salt.
  • Remove dead and damaged limbs to keep them from flying off and hurting someone during a winter storm. Cable branches if they’re in an unsafe location, as above your home. Allow the less invasive pruning for some species during the winter dormant season.

The same is valid for shrub wintertime care. The time for pruning is especially crucial for flowering shrubs, as blooms may be removed for a season if pruned at the wrong time.

Tree care professionals in your area know what to do and when to do it to keep your landscape trees and shrubs in the best condition. Hiring a professional is often a money-saving proposition as you’re more likely to keep trees and shrubs healthy and not have to worry about expensive replacements.

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