Avoiding a Liability With Your Tree

Avoiding a liability with your tree is a necessity for homeowners
just as much as businesses. Commercial tree owners should have their trees
inspected by skilled arborists routinely, especially during the fall and
winter. Correct pruning techniques that are performed consistently will prevent
the falling of dangerous limbs and branches. These limbs can cause serious
damage to your property and harm all who are nearby. 

Pruning is the process of trimming the crown of the tree to get rid of dying, sick, or infested branches. In some cases trees
can become infested with insects burrowing inside the trunk and beneath moss
for shelter. These insects can carry harmful pathogens, which can subsequently
be transferred to humans, animals, and other plant life. Sick trees can suffer
hollowing on the inside of the trunk which presents obvious risks for the trees
ability to remain stoic.

A tree with a hollow trunk runs the risk of collapsing during
extreme weather conditions, such as storms, high intensity wind pressure, heavy
rainfall and more. A tree that falls on your property can cause massive damage
to surround establishments, vehicles, and worst of all life. In the event that
your tree is hollowing out the best decision is to remove the tree before it
falls causing you too much unneeded stress. 
Tree removal is best left to the expert arborists that know exactly what
they are doing. The costs of tree removal far outweigh the liabilities
associated with a weak tree.

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